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Heat pads (Bucky x OC)

Bucky knew he wasn't the most cuddly guy or the warmest guy to be with but he tried a lot for his girl, Jay Napier. Jay was his first serious relationship after the events of the downfall of Hydra, after his time in cryo, and, well, he couldn't be happier... but he only wished he could make her happier. She seemed to be getting a bit distant from him, the man trying everything in vain to get a smile, a laugh, to even get a little 'I love you' every so often, just some acknowledgement of his efforts but they seemed to be getting nowhere and hitting dead ends. He was comfortable doing a lot for Jay but now, he had to step outside of that comfort zone, locking it away with other things he had to keep to himself as he was coming back home from the store, a bag of pocket warmers in his bag and some tape, hoping maybe a little warmth was something he could give her and would be received kindly. The man didn't feel comfortable with himself, with who he was and what he had become, gaining him some low self-confidence but he had to tough it out for her. He just needed Jay to know that he was trying as hard as he could for her with the hope that maybe he would get rewarded. Jay was currently relaxing on the couch, having a nice day off as she was watching one of her favorite movies, The Crow, only noticing the door closing as she turned around to see Bucky coming in.

"Hey, Buck, how-" Jay popped her head over the couch, looking at him but the man seemed hell-bent on getting to the bathroom but thought nothing of it, "Hmm, weird."

Her movie was soon over with and she was now watching the Office before she noticed Bucky had been gone quite a while. Getting a little concerned, she got up and knocked on the door. "Are you okay in there?"

"O-of course," Bucky stuttered, taping up one of last pocket warmers on his arm, all of the metal of his arm coated in packets and tape. Swallowing thickly, he lied about why he was in there so long. "Just problems... male problems."

Jay couldn't help but blush, knowing fully well what was going on as she forced a cough, rubbing the back of her neck. "... I'll wait outside."

Bucky was done soon enough, taking a small peak out the door to see her returned to the television. Slipping back on his Henley, he watched out, a small smile on his lips as he took a seat beside her. "Back, problem resolved."

"Thanks," she murmured, chuckling under her breath, "The last thing I wanted was a 'surprise'."

"Nice to know," he mumbled, slowly wrapping an arm around her, hoping to start a little something with her as he moved a little closer.

Jay couldn't help but notice something weird about her man, his side, arm in particular, was a little uncomfortable but more or less, surprisingly warm. "... Buckybear?"

"Mmmhmm?" Bucky hummed, beads of sweat starting to run down his face, starting to get nervous.

"You seem warmer than usual," Jay pointed out, rather liking the coolness of his metal arm as it was a nice balance, a little fire and ice.

"Really?" Bucky murmured, knowing Jay was quick to pick up things but not this quickly as he bit his lip, "... do you like it?"

Jay wasn't buying it, she knew something was wrong. She knew something had been wrong the whole time. Bucky was being a little too, well, caring and seemed to be more effort into them than she expected. She loved him dearly, she really did, but it seemed that he was being a bit over baring. She just needed her own space sometimes but he didn't seem to understand that as Jay tucked a loose brown lock behind her ear before shutting off the television.

"Hold still," she demanded, a sharp look in her brown eyes as took his arm, knowing he wouldn't dare jerk back as he pulled up his sleeve, seeing all the pocket warmers, "You cheater!"

"Hey, I didn't cheat!" Bucky yelped as he tried to pull his sleeve back down, starting to get embarrassed as Jay foiled his plan to get closer to her, "I was just doing this for you."

"James," Jay let go of him, her tone stern as she cupped his face with one hand, just wanting him to understand, "I like you the way you are. You don't need to cheat like this. I just need a little time to myself every so often, okay?"

"... I guess you're right," Bucky hung his head low, just trying to take it in, knowing that she was right and that he needed to settle back and let her live the way she wanted.

Jay could sense that he was just trying to absorb this as she patted his cheek, hoping to grab this attention. "Babe?"

"What?" Bucky asked, looking up at her, disappointed with himself.

"I love ya," Jay hummed, pecking his lips as the first and for most thing she wanted him to know was that she loved him. Bucky knew this as he cracked a small smile, knowing that they could get through this small hurdle as he pecked her lips as he wanted her to know that

"I love you too, Jay."

Two Little Boys (Bucky x Reader)

Waiting.... waiting... must wait... keep waiting....

"Momma?" your son, (s/n) asked as you had managed to fall asleep beside him on the couch, weary eyed himself as he gave a small yawn, rubbing his soft, blue eyes. The pair of you were waiting for Bucky, your husband, to arrive home after months out on a grueling mission but it had run much longer than it should have and it worried you greatly. (s/n) was also worried too as he moved up onto your lap, curled up in your arms as you rubbed his back, trying to ease his nerves as well as your own.

"Momma, is Daddy coming back?" he asked, that all too familiar tint of sadness in his eyes, something he gained from his father as you tried to be positive for both your sakes.

"He is, he is, I promise," you mused, mustering up a smile as you rocked him carefully back and forth in your arms, figuring something that would always calm him down, no matter what,  "Say, kid? You want me to sing that song about daddy and Uncle Steve?"

(S/n)'s could only nod as he closed his eyes, knowing how bad things would get for his dad when he was on a mission. Bruises, cuts, scraps, and broken bones were just the minimum of things he'd come back with, causing him a lot of pain according to you. But he was still a good father, husband, and man, no matter what any one said.

Taking a small breath of air, you started to sing. Your voice was a little scratchy at first but then the melody settled in and you found your tone.

Two little boys had two little toys
Each had a wooden horse
Gaily they played each summers day
Warriors both of cause

One little chap then had a mishap
Broke off his horses head
Wept for his toy, then cried with joy
As his young playmate said

Did you think I would leave you crying?
When there's room on my horse for two
Climb up here, Steve and don't be crying
I can go just as fast with two

When we grow up we'll both be soldiers
And our horses will not be toys
And I wonder if we'll remember when we were
Two little boys

You could feel your son relax, losing conciseness as he was growing limb in your lap. You knew you'd be in the same boat soon, another night on the couch like so many before as you yawned between the first and second verse. For some reason, you didn't want to complete the song, the words hitting a nerve that Bucky, Steve, and you know so well as you felt your (e/c) orbs start to tear up, continuing anyway.

Long years past, war came so fast
Bravely they marched away
Cannon roared loud and in the mad crowd
Wounded and dieing lie, up goes a shout

A horse dashes out
Out from the ranks so blue
Gallops away to where Bucky lay
Then came a voice he know

Did you think I would leave you dying?
When there's room on my horse for two
Climb up here, Buck we'll soon be flying
I can go just as fast with two

Did you say Buck, I'm all a tremble?
Perhaps it's the battles noise
But I thinks it's that I remember
When we were two little boys

Trails of hot tears started to stream down your cheek as you bit your lip, preventing your son from hearing you cry as your heart ached for your husband's return. You both knew that missions were hard like this, even worse on (s/n) and you as with every mission there was the chance of... of not coming back. But you knew Bucky would return, he had to, he promised... but sometimes people can't keep a promise, Bucky included. Laying back down on the couch, you held your son tight, perhaps the only remaining memoir of Bucky left as you managed to sob yourself to sleep, the pair of you sleeping through the hard night.


You always left the light on, you always did, or so Bucky thought to himself as he was walking up to the apartment his family and him called home as he could see the light on in the window on the third floor. Maybe it was just for comfort or warmth or maybe a sign, telling him that his wife and child still hoped, still believed that he'd tough it out and manage to get home in a signal piece, which he did thankfully. It was brutal and harsh but with the help of the other Avengers, they took down Hydra, cutting off any heads that remained and finding peace with himself after everything that happened to him because of those people. Quietly walking up the stairs, he unlocked to door to find his child and wife sleeping soundly, smiling a little before he frowned, noticing the dried tears on your face.

"You shouldn't cry, doll, I'm back like I promised," he whispered under his breath, pecking your cheek before he carefully moved the pair of you over, sitting down on the couch before moving you back so your head rested on his lap, "No more missions for a while too, so it's the three of us for now."

Bucky could see a small smirk form on your lips, not sure if you actually heard him or not but he could've cared less, just glad to be back with his girl and their boy as he finally rested his head back, shutting his eyes as he finally home where he should be, with his family, safe and sound.

Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love (Charles x Reader)

In a lounge hiding within the mansion's many hall, a record was set in an old machine and the needle was placed gently on the first groove, started its run around the track as the sound of a piano filled the otherwise empty room. You managed to find this room on one of your many tours around the place, keeping it your little secret as you began to sway to the music, unaware that a presence was listening in on you as you sang along.

When the little bluebird
Who has never said a word
Starts to sing Spring
When the little bluebell
At the bottom of the dell
Starts to ring Ding ding
When the little blue clerk
In the middle of his work
Starts a tune to the moon up above
It is nature that is all
Simply telling us to fall in love

You listened to the sweet tenor as he wooed you with his words, dancing in tune with the piano as you started to think about your crush, Charles Xavier. Erik and him managed to find you in New York, using your abilities as a telepath to scam people of their money as you posed as a homeless person. After a brief chase and some words of comfort, you joined the two in their efforts to find other mutants, to help people understand us better and to see that we're not alone in our gifts. Being a fellow telepath, the two of you grew close, even sharing secrets between one other in the privacy of your minds. But lately you've been shutting him out, afraid that if he dug too deep, he would find your biggest secret; You fell in love with him as the song suggested, still serenating you in the background.

 And that's why birds do it, bees do it
Even educated fleas do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love
In Spain the best upper sets do it
Lithuanians and Letts do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love
The Dutch in old Amsterdam do it
Not to mention the Finns
Folks in Siam do it
Think of Siamese twins.
Some Argentines, without means, do it
People say in Boston even beans do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love

(y/n)?" A voice called out as you turned around, the subject of your thoughts and your song having come to greet you, but more importantly, to tell you something that lingered in the back of his own mind, "What are you doing up here?"

"I was relaxing," you stated calmly, though all the while your cheeks burned a light shade of pink, "What are you doing?"

"I came to see where this music was coming from," he stated as he saw the record spin around on the machine. Charles gave a deep breath as his own cheeks flustered red as he offered you his hand. "May I?"

"S-sure," you nodded as you gave yours, one hand resting on your waist and yours gipped his shoulder as the two of you started to slightly sway to the music together.

 Romantic sponges, they say, do it
Oysters down in Oyster Bay do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love
Cold Cape Cod clams, 'gainst their wish, do it
Even lazy jellyfish do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love
Electric eels, I might add, do it,
Though it shocks 'em, I know,
Why ask if shad do it?
Waiter, bring me shad roe!
In shallow shoals, English soles do it
Goldfish in the privacy of bowls do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love

"You know what, (y/n)?" Charles mused to you mentally, having been relaxed by the music and his touch to open up to him.

"Hmm?" You hummed, cocking your head to the side.

"We should do that," he retorted, still keeping you in his arms as the record had finished and the needle spun off.

"Do what?" You raised an eyebrow before he leaned in closer to you, so close to brushing his lips against yours.

"Fall in love," he stated as he closed the gap, the both of you taken back by his sudden brashness as your mind became static, wrapping your arms around his neck as you deepened the kiss. Charles instinctively placed his hands on your hips, enjoying the embrace until he had to part for oxygen, resting his forehead against yours. 

"But I already have," you panted, giving him a weak smile as you now knew your feelings were not one sided.

"With who?" Charles asked, confused as to what you meant.

"With you, silly," you giggled as you placed an eskimo kiss on his nose, "I love you, Charles."

"I love you too, (y/n)."

Home (Steve x Reader)

"Do you have to leave, Steve?"

"I'm sorry but I'll be back soon, I promise."

"You always kept your promises... I need to tell you something before you leave."

"And what's that?"

"We have to go, Rogers!"

"Tell me when I get back. I love you."

"I-I love yo-ou too, Steve... and don't worry, you'll know."

The last conversation in Steve's head to you was ringing in his ears as he was hell bound for home, running as fast as his legs could carry him as he darted through streets and alleys to the apartment. He had been away on a mission for longer than expected, TEN MONTHS MORE than expected to be exact, and he couldn't wait to see you, his precious wife of three years. He couldn't have imagined the pain you were going through, waiting all these months with no contact and worrying whether or not he was even still alive. But he would home again, for a long time as he began to wonder what you wanted to tell him all those months ago. You, on the other hand, were sitting on the floor of the apartment, your important news looking back up at you as she giggled. Yes, when Steve left on his mission, you were already a month pregnant and completely miserable, hoping he would be back in his scheduled two months but it stretched on with no calls, letters, or anything to tell you if he was okay. The longer the days spanded, the more your hope died for his safe return, causing you to tear up at the mere thought of him not being here anymore.

"Oh Steve," you sighed as you wiped your face, letting your daughter play with your fingers as she smiled at you, those same blue eyes of your husbands shining back at you, "Don't worry, we'll see your dad soon, I promise." Just then you heard a knock on the door; it was probably Shield, ready to give you the news you feared the most as you collected herself as best you could, scooping up your bundle of joy, your last reminder of Steve, as you walked over and opened the door, unaware of who would giving you the news as you looked you, that blond hair and blue eyes all too familiar to you.

"S-steve," you stuttered, in total shock as he looked at you with a smile on his face before he noticed the squirming bundle in your arms, his face paling as he put two and two together.

"Is that... is she..." Steve was on shock as well, eyeing the small child in your arms as he walked in, his hands trembling as a few tears started to well up in his eyes.

"Mmmhmm," you merely nodded, bouncing the child in your arms as she looked at the strange man in the house.

"Can I?" He asked, looking up at you as he slightly wrapped his hands around the child.

"Of course, hun," you beamed brightly as you placed the small infant in his arms, helping him hold her right as you marveled at the sight, father and daughter meeting for the first time.

"Hi there," Steve whispered, his fatherly skills kicking in as he held his daughter close, pecking her chubby cheek as she finally approved of this man, "Guess what? I'm your daddy."

"I'm so sorry I missed this, (y/n)," he mumbled after a while as he looked up at you, his tone weak and somber, "I missed you so bad."

"Don't worry about it," you shook your head, placing a hand on his broad shoulder as you got up on your tiptoes and gave him a loving kiss, "You're home now, Steve."

"Home," he chimed back, the word never being sweeter as he kissed you back, looking at the pair of his lovely ladies as he gave a content sight.

"I'm glad to be home again."

Surprise Attack (Clint x Reader)

A series of giggles and snickers echoed through out the apartment as you opened the door, not seeing any of the usual residents that usually inhabited the tiny complex.

"Strange," you thought, musing about how  full grown golden lab, a four year old girl, and a Shield agent could hide themselves in what was almost a studio apartment as you set your purse and jacket aside, looking around the living room first for your three misfits. Unbeknown to you, two sets of eyes were watching you from the nearby broom closet as father and daughter were planning a sneak attack.

"You are sure we won't get in trouble?" (d/n) whispered as she tucked a few sandy curls away from her tiny (e/c) orbs.

"We might but I'll spring us out, as usual," Clint retorted, reassuring his little hatchling with a little peck on the temple as he handed her a little suction cup arrow for her little bow, taking his own and pulling it back, "On the count of three; one, two..."


That was all the warning you got as you turned around to saw two figures pop up from the hallway and shot you down with a multitude of arrow, going down without a fight as you laid there and took into mind what happened. They tricked you and ambushed you, leaving you in a mess of toy weapons on the carpet They were so gonna pay...

"Clint, (d/n)," you grumbled as you got up, pulling an arrow that happened to get stuck on your forehead and glaring daggers at the duo of troublemakers, frozen in the hallway.

"Daddy?" (d/n) mumbled, the look in the same colored eyes you gave her now pooled with fear as she clung onto her father's leg. Clint gave his kid a quick smirk as he decided now was the time to use their secret weapon. "Lucky, get (y/n)!"

"Lucky no-" You were stopped as the lab had popped up out of nowhere, tackling you to the ground as he attacked your face with kisses and licks, excited to see you again.

"And this is the part where we lock yourselves in your room," Clint stated as he grabbed (d/n)'s arm, scooping her up in his arms before the two retreated in the safety of the planned hideout. Due to some witchcraft, Lucky figured you had enough as he got off of you and retreated to his spot on the sofa for a quick nap. Getting back up, you glared at the door, putting on your game face as you began to bide your time.

"And so it begins..."

~A few hours later~

"Do you think the coast is clear?" your daughter asked as she and her father hadn't hear anything in quite some time as they took a risk, opening the door a pinch as they took a peak outside, not seeing any movement whatsoever.

"I think so," he whispered, opening the door a little move as they were lured into a sense of false comfort, Clint getting up and leaving the room, "Looks like we're in the clear."

"Just again, birdbrains," you chimed as you sprung up from behind the couch and nailed your two children, the two of them 'dying' before laughing it off.

"You got us good, (y/n)," Clint chuckled as he took (d/n) up in his arms, walking over as you removed the arrows and gave them each a peck on cheek.

"And that's why you don't mess with mommy."


KOREAlchemist's Profile Picture
Some unidentified mutant human-like subspecies that is trying to adapt in mainland society.


Fanfiction: Got Deleted because sucks!

Archive of our own:…

What Doctor Are You Most Like?
What Doctor Are You Most Like?
Hosted By Anime
Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?
Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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What Sailor Scout Are You?
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I've gotta a few requests a few times and I'm a sucker for not saying no but it'll take me a while to get it done. Saying that though I'm willing to do a lot of things but there are a few that I won't:

1. No sadfics please, I'm willing to do bitter sweet but I can't go full blown depressing because of the feels

2. I don't do cheater fics due to personal reasons

3. I prefer Readerfics and ships, OC's are not recommended because I will be terrible at them, believe me

And I think that's it. If anyone has any questions, please let me know!

Now on to other things, one, I'm Owen Grady trash now after seeing Jurassic World last night (AND IT WAS AWESOME) and I will write reader fics for him! Two, I'm going to be con hopping this summer so I might be in and out so just a fair warning! Glad to be back!
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