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Once during a different time, a warrior named Hanzo, retired and worn from his battles and fights, was traveling along the beaten path to his home in the mountains, far from others so he could live out his days in peace and solace.

Along the path, Hanzo heard a sound from coming from the forest that surrounded the beaten path. He didn't dare go into the woods, knowing that it was home to many creatures and spirits. He respected them enough not to intrude yet the cry didn't stop. In fact, it had grown stronger and more shrill.

Hanzo pondered and wondered if maybe he should investigate. He would not have to ponder long though as he saw something interesting. Between the trees, yellow eyes spotted the older man on the road. As the creature stepped out from the shadows, it's outline became easily visible due it the creature's white fur. A wolf pup, something Hanzo didn't expect to see.

Hanzo and the pup stared at one another but for a brief moment before the wolf whined at him. Behind the animal, he heard another howl. Hanzo, concerned and curious, broke away from the path to follow the animal. Whether to his death or for another reason, he was chosen for this task and couldn't deny it.

When the pup stopped in front of him, he couldn't believe his eyes. A large white wolf laying on the ground, crimson blood staining her chest. Then there were two wolf pups, the one who led him and the one stay behind with the corpse of their mother. A hunter accident, or so he assumed.

Hanzo knew that he was brought here for a reason and from the scene, he knew what he must do. He tried to coax the pups to follow him but it seemed they wouldn't no matter what he did, staying by their mother. He had no other choice; he picked up the body of the she-wolf and carried her home, his plan working as the pups followed him home.

Hanzo raised the wolves as his own, using the pelt of their mother to ease and comfort them. Over time, they recognized his own scent as being friendly but he still wore the pelt when hunting, looking and behaving more like a pack. Throughout the years, they became great hunters and great companions to Hanzo.

One night, Hanzo was resting before he noticed heavy footsteps on the mats in the other room. The wolves, fully grown and protective, noticed instantly as they looked over towards the other room, ready to protect him.

Hanzo carefully opened the door, the wolves rushing out in the space to see another white wolf sitting attentively, as if waiting for him. His two wolves ran up to the new wolf, nuzzling and licking her face. It was the spirit of their mother.

The she-wolf nuzzled her children back before speaking to Hanzo. She thanked him for caring for her children and approached him, scratching is arm. The wounds on his arm turned yellow, permanently marking his skin. Hanzo hissed at the pain, harsh and cruel before he looked up, the wolf spirit having disappeared.

If you travel by these woods, stay upon the path and do not go hunting in the woods for those who harm any of the animals are said to anger the spirits and are ended by a man who now protects them with the power of the Okami.

With two white wolves by his side, he'll draw back an arrow and release, shouting at those who break the laws of the forest as the two wolves charge at their attended target.

FLEX! (Reinhardt x Reader)

In the rather warm and cozy house, a deep, cheery chuckle was joined by a squeal of laughter, creating a strange but joyful duet that could be described as pure joy. The owners of the two voices were in the bathroom, looking at themselves in the mirror, reflecting the wide smiles on their faces.

"Join me, little one!" Reinhardt chuckled, holding his son in one arm just to be safe as he gave his arm a flex, showing off those incredible muscles. His son, well, your son, was watching his dad with awe as he was in a daze for a brief moment before doing the same, making his father laugh. This cycle continued for a while, son repeating his father's flexes and poses, causing both to laugh before the next motion. You had been currently trying to take a nap but the rumble of laughter had awoke you, causing you to look over at the bathroom to see your two boys having fun with one another. It was sweet, cute even as you watched blissfully from your spot in bed, wondering how you could be so blessed by the two before you broke your silence, calling out to the pair.

"Having fun there, my manly knights?" you mused, causing the two to look at you, a warm smile on your face.

"Mutti!" your son wailed, making grabby hands at you instantly. You got up and walked over, the tot grabbing onto you and practically climbed onto your chest, clinging to you tightly.

"Look at you, you're getting so strong!" you giggled, supporting him as you pecked his forehead, "Just like vati."

"But alas, I'm not as strong as you, fräulein," Reinhardt mumbled, having moved behind you after your kid escaped from his arms, using said arms to wrap around your waist.

"Oh hush," you chided, giggling under your breath, "I'm not the one who carried his wife around when she was pregnant."

"But I'm not the one who carried our child," Reinhardt muttered softly, rocking you back and forth gently, being so cheesyly romantic, "You are strong."

"Danke, mein ritter," you mused in his native tongue, knowing that he loved it as you snuck a kiss on his cheek.

"Maybe you can show me your strength later?" Reinhardt whispered into your ear, his breath a little husky as he started to peck your cheek down to your neck, "In our bed?"

You instantly laughed, pulling back as your cheeks were rosy red but not due to the kisses but by the look on your child's face; terror in his soft blue eyes as she looked at his father with shock and fear, not sure what he just hear but he didn't like it.

"Maybe later, after we de-traumatize our kid."
Reach for the sky (Jesse McCree x Reader)

You didn't know how you got into this competition exactly but you knew you had to win it, short and simple as that as you were outside at the training range with Jesse McCree, the both of you with your weapon of choice as Jesse just got done with his turn, looking over at you for your response. To say that there wasn't something else behind that smile besides cockiness would be a lie, this competition of who was a better sharpshooter just a façade for hidden and unspoken feelings for one another but it seemed it would take a million years for either one to admit it first, neither party willing to say it first. Taking a deep breath, you took out your own gun, watching Jesse blow the smoke off the tip of his as he gave you a wink, walking up to your side.

"Why don't ya try that for size?, darlin'?" he chuckled, arms crossed as he knew you could top that but still, he just couldn't help but tease you.

"Looks like you don't have the size to give," you retorted, a light smirk on your face as you looked him up and down before taking your stance. Jesse turned instantly red as he tried to interject and defend himself.

"Now listen here-" BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Each target was out and down for the count as you turned on your heel, one hand on your popped out hip as you loved the expression on his face; jaw dropped and irritation clear on his face.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention," you retorted, shrugging it off as you moved back behind the line to his side, fluttering your eyes at him as you always took pride in shutting him up, "Your turn."

"Yer gonna pay for that, (y/n)," he gritted his teeth, hating that he was showing any sign of you getting to him as he simply reloaded, using his Deadeye to cheat and took every target down, just like that.

"Nice and easy," he scoffed, tilting his hat at you as he kicked up his boots, spurs clinking with every step as he walked over to you and leaned into your ear, "Just like ya."

"Say that one more time," you mumbled, glaring at him as you were eye to eye now but still, the blush growing on your face said you were enjoying it more than hating it, "I dare you, cowboy."

"Ya'll are easy," he simple repeated, closing in now as he could practically feel the heat from your face burning off onto his skin.

"I'm warning you, McCree!" you chided, not playing games anymore as you pressed your gun against the side of his head, finger on the trigger. Hopefully this would scare him off and pull him off of you but knowing Jesse, he'd push his luck, as he always did.

"Ain't the first time I've been threated, doll," Jesse murmured, voice low and husky as he called you out on your bluff, "And it ain't gonna be the last either."

"You know what, Jesse?" you retorted, hand shaking a little as you pressed your weapon harder against that thick skull of his, "You're perhaps the most bullheaded, stuck up, inconsiderate, laid back, selfish asshole I've ever know."

Jesse, that god damn cowboy, decided to pull the worst of tricks on you, gently brushing your (h/c) locks back to peck your forehead, a shit eating grin on his face as he stared you down. "But ya love it."

You were a stuttering mess now, not thinking he would pull that shit as you shook your head, face redder than ever. "I- but you- Jesse, y-you cheated!"

"Then call for a rematch," he grinned, knowing he won your little match but this was only one of many rounds to come as he started to leave but not without looking over his shoulder at you, "So what'll it be? Yer room or mine?"
Jingle (Jesse McCree x Reader)

Jesse couldn't help but sigh as he watched you from a distance, knowing you were down on your luck and feeling rather under the weather, just sitting all by your lonesome as you tried to forget about missions, the horrors you saw, your past, just trying to forget about everything. You were just a spring chick, new to everything and everyone there and you were alone. Someone should at least try and cheer you up instead of ignoring you! Looking around, he figured it was up to himself to make you smile, laugh, anything to turn that frown around as he started to walk up towards you, the empty hall allowing his heavy boots and spurs to echo around, the clink of the metal giving him a small idea as he approached you quietly, a wide smirk on his face.

"Jingle," he chuckled to himself as he came up behind you.

"Jesse," you groaned, knowing the cowboy was probably up to no good as you tried to ignore him, just wanting to hide in your self pity, "Not now."

"Jingle jangle," he retorted, right behind you as he looked down at where you were sitting, just tapping his feet now to keep his spurs jingling.

"McCree,"  you retorted, not wanting to even look at the man as you were getting equal parts irritated and flustered.


"Stop it."


"Dam-mn it." The man was starting to break you down now with every exchange of words, a small hitch in your breath breaking apart your words as you turned around to face him, your lips quivering as you were trying to force back the smile on your face.

"Come on, I know ya'll can do it," Jesse chuckled as he knew you would crack soon, just letting his spurs do the work, waiting patiently now.

"Je-esse!" You broke out into a fit of laughter, tears starting to cloud up your vision as it was nice to be able to forget about everything for a while, especially over something so stupid.

"See, I know ya can do it," he cooed softly as he walked around to sit next to you, wrapping an arm and rubbing your shoulder, just to help ease the pain, "I hate to see a fellow teammate upset."

"Thanks, cowpoke," you mustered through your sobs and giggles, a broken but genuine smile on your lips. 

"Never a problem for McCree," he snickered, wiping your tears away as he'd be here for as long as you needed him, just happy to help you out.
Heat pads (Bucky x OC)

Bucky knew he wasn't the most cuddly guy or the warmest guy to be with but he tried a lot for his girl, Jay Napier. Jay was his first serious relationship after the events of the downfall of Hydra, after his time in cryo, and, well, he couldn't be happier... but he only wished he could make her happier. She seemed to be getting a bit distant from him, the man trying everything in vain to get a smile, a laugh, to even get a little 'I love you' every so often, just some acknowledgement of his efforts but they seemed to be getting nowhere and hitting dead ends. He was comfortable doing a lot for Jay but now, he had to step outside of that comfort zone, locking it away with other things he had to keep to himself as he was coming back home from the store, a bag of pocket warmers in his bag and some tape, hoping maybe a little warmth was something he could give her and would be received kindly. The man didn't feel comfortable with himself, with who he was and what he had become, gaining him some low self-confidence but he had to tough it out for her. He just needed Jay to know that he was trying as hard as he could for her with the hope that maybe he would get rewarded. Jay was currently relaxing on the couch, having a nice day off as she was watching one of her favorite movies, The Crow, only noticing the door closing as she turned around to see Bucky coming in.

"Hey, Buck, how-" Jay popped her head over the couch, looking at him but the man seemed hell-bent on getting to the bathroom but thought nothing of it, "Hmm, weird."

Her movie was soon over with and she was now watching the Office before she noticed Bucky had been gone quite a while. Getting a little concerned, she got up and knocked on the door. "Are you okay in there?"

"O-of course," Bucky stuttered, taping up one of last pocket warmers on his arm, all of the metal of his arm coated in packets and tape. Swallowing thickly, he lied about why he was in there so long. "Just problems... male problems."

Jay couldn't help but blush, knowing fully well what was going on as she forced a cough, rubbing the back of her neck. "... I'll wait outside."

Bucky was done soon enough, taking a small peak out the door to see her returned to the television. Slipping back on his Henley, he watched out, a small smile on his lips as he took a seat beside her. "Back, problem resolved."

"Thanks," she murmured, chuckling under her breath, "The last thing I wanted was a 'surprise'."

"Nice to know," he mumbled, slowly wrapping an arm around her, hoping to start a little something with her as he moved a little closer.

Jay couldn't help but notice something weird about her man, his side, arm in particular, was a little uncomfortable but more or less, surprisingly warm. "... Buckybear?"

"Mmmhmm?" Bucky hummed, beads of sweat starting to run down his face, starting to get nervous.

"You seem warmer than usual," Jay pointed out, rather liking the coolness of his metal arm as it was a nice balance, a little fire and ice.

"Really?" Bucky murmured, knowing Jay was quick to pick up things but not this quickly as he bit his lip, "... do you like it?"

Jay wasn't buying it, she knew something was wrong. She knew something had been wrong the whole time. Bucky was being a little too, well, caring and seemed to be more effort into them than she expected. She loved him dearly, she really did, but it seemed that he was being a bit over baring. She just needed her own space sometimes but he didn't seem to understand that as Jay tucked a loose brown lock behind her ear before shutting off the television.

"Hold still," she demanded, a sharp look in her brown eyes as took his arm, knowing he wouldn't dare jerk back as he pulled up his sleeve, seeing all the pocket warmers, "You cheater!"

"Hey, I didn't cheat!" Bucky yelped as he tried to pull his sleeve back down, starting to get embarrassed as Jay foiled his plan to get closer to her, "I was just doing this for you."

"James," Jay let go of him, her tone stern as she cupped his face with one hand, just wanting him to understand, "I like you the way you are. You don't need to cheat like this. I just need a little time to myself every so often, okay?"

"... I guess you're right," Bucky hung his head low, just trying to take it in, knowing that she was right and that he needed to settle back and let her live the way she wanted.

Jay could sense that he was just trying to absorb this as she patted his cheek, hoping to grab this attention. "Babe?"

"What?" Bucky asked, looking up at her, disappointed with himself.

"I love ya," Jay hummed, pecking his lips as the first and for most thing she wanted him to know was that she loved him. Bucky knew this as he cracked a small smile, knowing that they could get through this small hurdle as he pecked her lips as he wanted her to know that

"I love you too, Jay."


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Some unidentified mutant human-like subspecies that is trying to adapt in mainland society.


Fanfiction: Got Deleted because sucks!

Archive of our own:…

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I've gotta a few requests a few times and I'm a sucker for not saying no but it'll take me a while to get it done. Saying that though I'm willing to do a lot of things but there are a few that I won't:

1. No sadfics please, I'm willing to do bitter sweet but I can't go full blown depressing because of the feels

2. I don't do cheater fics due to personal reasons

3. I prefer Readerfics and ships, OC's are not recommended because I will be terrible at them, believe me

And I think that's it. If anyone has any questions, please let me know!

Now on to other things, one, I'm Owen Grady trash now after seeing Jurassic World last night (AND IT WAS AWESOME) and I will write reader fics for him! Two, I'm going to be con hopping this summer so I might be in and out so just a fair warning! Glad to be back!
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